If you suddenly stop moving muscles on one half of the face, you should not expect that it will pass by itself. Contact a neurologist immediately for timely treatment to clarify the diagnosis and prevent serious consequences, warns the neurologist of Dobrobut medical network, Valentina Dzhumik.

Such an asymmetry (distortion) of the facial muscles can be caused by inflammation (neuropathy or neuritis) of the facial nerve . This is an acute unilateral lesion (skewed) of the

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muscles of the face . The facial nerve is a motor nerve that is responsible for the facial muscles, the main sign of its damage is asymmetry or bias. In this case, pain syndrome is possible, but only in the place of this nerve to the periphery – behind the ear or in the parotid area.

Based on statistical observations, most people with an inflammation of the facial nerve are those between the ages of 25-35, and most of the patients are women. Compared with other inflammatory diseases on the face, this disease is less common.

Symptoms of Neuropathy

This inflammation manifests itself, as already mentioned, asymmetry, with the muscles on one side of the face being paralyzed and immovable. In other words, you can not frown, close your eyes, puff your cheeks, curl your lips or hang. In addition to asymmetry, inflammation of the facial nerve manifested by tearing or dryness of the eye, a decrease in taste and hearing.

Faced with the listed manifestations, it is necessary to immediately consult a neurologist to accurately make a diagnosis, to make a differential diagnosis with other diseases (that is, to distinguish), to prevent complications.

Causes of disease

Doctor neurologist medical network “DobrobutValentina Jumik

There is a primary neuritis of the facial nerve and secondary.

The cause of the primary lesion is

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hypothermia (riding in vehicles at the open window, drafts, prolonged exposure under operating air conditioning);

infections – most often the provocateur is a herpes virus infection. A blood test allows you to determine exactly what the virus caused the inflammation of the facial nerve.

The cause of a secondary lesion may be a brain tumor;

head injury with temporal bone fracture;

hypertensive crises – are more common in older people .

What is dangerous disease

Inflammation of the facial nerve is dangerous for its complications :

brain inflammatory processes.

Contracture of the muscles of the face (immobility) – due to improper or delayed treatment, the nerve so affected that the muscle remains permanently immovable;

synkinesis – a person smiles, and at the same time he closes his eyes;

if you do not treat dry eyes in time, it threatens to damage the cornea and, as a result, partial or complete blindness.

Diagnosis of primary lesion of the facial nerve is not difficult. It’s clear

clinical picture diagnosed by a neurologist. It is important to consult a doctor without delay.

In order to clarify the secondary lesion, an MRI (CT) scan of the brain is performed, as well as electroneuromyography, in order to clarify the extent of muscle and nerve damage.


Given the severity of the consequences, inflammation of the facial nerve treated only in the hospital . Treatment in the acute stage prescribed with medication, and later with physiotherapy using qualified massage. Acupuncture sessions, therapeutic exercises for the facial muscles. As soon as improvement observed, the patient transferred to outpatient treatment until full recovery of muscle activity. When treating it important that the drugs prescribed on time and the dosage very precisely observed. In case of overdose, the muscle overdone, which can lead to synkinesis.


In order to prevent inflammation of the facial nerve, avoid hypothermia, strengthen the immune system and control blood pressure.


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