What are the causes of posture defects?

People who work a lot in office have posture defects, headaches, back and middle pain due to a bad sitting position.

Prof. Dr. Sami Sokucu, an orthopedic doctor from Turkey, is coming to Constanta to offer two free medical reviews, based on medical records, to patients in Romania. Doctor Sami Sokucu is a specialist in traumatology surgery, deformation surgery, surgery for height-building, bone and muscle tumor surgery, and arthroplasty.

What are the causes of posture defects and when do they occur?

Posture defects can be analyzed in two main categories: posture defects or acquired posture defects. Among the medical posture defects can be listed neuromuscular diseases. Scoliosis (spine curvatures), lower limbs with different lengths, deformations of the extremities (morphological defects) and among the acquired posture defects can listed the defects resulting from a trauma or an accident. And especially the posture defects that occur in people. Who spend a lot of time at office in the wrong position.

“Defects of medical posture can be classified into two categories: congenital (from birth) and later acquired. Congenital postural defects occur at birth and develop as aging progresses. But there are cases where posture defects occur during development even though the child was normal at birth. One of the most significant examples of these defects is the carriage of a heavy-duty backpack or the wrong cart at the age of childhood. Explains Professor Sami Sokucu, an orthopedic doctor at the Florya Medical Park in Istanbul.

What are posture defects that most affect office workers and what do we need to do to prevent them?

“For people who work long in the office. It is important that they sit in a correct position. This position the one at which an angle of 90 degrees formed between the back, legs and knees. In this position the neck will never very bent forward or back. And the height and breadth of the table will be appropriate for the person working on it. When working at a computer in the office, it recommended that the computer screen at the eye level. And if it is possible to put a box under the feet.Which will prevent the occurrence of pain in the sitting position and thus the posture defects. Declares the orthopedic doctor Sami Sokucu.


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