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Foreign check-up programs included analyzes such as vitamin D testing, hepatitis antivirals, volumetric breast scan, osteodensitometry, and, if necessary, total MRI

It is January and many make plans for the new year. On the list of important things, we pass the health, without which no plan can be fulfilled. A full check-up of health can make sure everything is okay.
The quest for annual blood analyzes has turned into more complex investigations, which, on a regular basis, detect from an early stage any possible affection. The age of 20 is ideal for starting adult research and analysis programs.
This is because obesity, diabetes, heart attack and cancer are serious illnesses that also occur in younger age. Detected at first, can healed or kept under control much easier than in advanced stages.

Therefore, general blood tests that include blood glucose, cholesterol and hemoglobin are required first. Young women should add gynecological control, vaginal ultrasound, Babeş-Papanicolau test, and ultrasound assessment of the breast.

High-end devices are able to deliver high-precision imagery, and premium breast tests are recommended at younger age, especially those who have relatives with first-degree relatives with breast cancer.

“For women, before the age of 40 years, mammary ultrasound recommended. Now, we’re using automatic breast volumetric scanning, which is a three-dimensional ultrasound. It is similar to mammography: medical personnel capture images, and doctors interpret them.

This method gives a better visibility of breast tissue. It’s an advanced ultrasound method , recommends doctor Gonca Gul Atalay (photo), a review expert at Acibadem clinics .

After 40 years of age, specialists recommend high-quality mammography with tomosynthesis, which allows visualization of lesions of even 1 mm.

For men, prostate gland evaluation required, with ultrasound or advanced PSA tests.

In addition, for both sexes, depending on possible health and age issues, the investigations may be supplemented by electrocardiogram, echocardiography, abdominal ultrasound, colonoscopy, thyroid, skin evaluation, occlusal feces, insulin measurement, insulin resistance, HPV testing, and vitamin D and B 12 levels.

“Vitamin D is an important element in the body, and an optimal level helps protect against malignancies. It is also important for the prevention of osteoporosis that occurs after menopause. 

These are good reasons to maintain an optimal level of vitamin D in the body. Regarding the optimum level of vitamin B12, it is important for proper functioning of neurotransmitters, but for joints and muscles. B12 is also an important indicator for anemia. 

And if a person has memory troubles, he should do a test for B 12 “ , completes the expert in check up programs.

In recent years, advanced check-up programs rely on the benefits of total MRI, which involves scanned throughout the body from head to foot. Practically, in a single session, about 30 minutes, physicians can analyze the internal organs and guide patients to further targeted trials for a precise diagnosis.

“Practically, with this investigation, we evaluate the brain (we can observe tumors, aneurysms, hematomas, etc.), backbone (we can discern discopathy, arthritis), lungs, blood vessels of the lungs, heart, internal organs (we can detect tumors, obstructions ).

For women, a total MRI is useful in assessing the endometrium or the presence of fibroids. But we can not assess during total MRI and breast health. For MRI for mammary gland, the examination position is different.

For men, we can also evaluate the prostate gland. In addition, total MRI gives us information about the esophagus, stomach, colon, and even 0.5 mm lesions can be seen, “the physician Gonca Gul Atalay describes the benefits of total MRI.

In addition, doctors recommend smokers with more than 30 packs of cigarettes a year. If tobacco consumption abandoned, the investigation should done for 15 years after quitting smoking. Low-dose tomography is not only for smokers. But also for those who have had lung conditions, infections, obstructive diseases, asthma, allergies, because they offer better visibility than chest x-ray.

Another target organ of check-ups is also the liver, and hepatic steatosis is common. To investigate fatty liver, liver function tests, ultrasound and possible further investigations if liver cirrhosis suspected recommended.

Abdominal ultrasound also provides information about the pancreas. And if doctors find anything wrong, I can recommend blood tests and marker tumors.


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