Tips that keep you away from cold at the beginning of spring

For the end of the cold season is no longer a torment, I have prepared some simple tips for you.

As soon as the weather begins to warm up, your body becomes vulnerable to viruses and allergens. For the end of the cold season is no longer a torment, I have prepared some simple tips for you.

You may have often wondered why you have a higher sensitivity than ever in the short period between the winter and the real spring. Although most of us would associate colds and viroses with January, when mercury from thermometers drops below zero degrees Celsius, the dangers are higher once the temperature starts to rise.

Changes in atmospheric pressure may contribute to respiratory irritation and a greater demand for all resources available to the immune system. The steps you can take to protect not only your health but also your family members are simpler than you think at first glance.

Drink ginger tea

Due to the volatile oils and phenolic compounds of ginger, the hot tea you can enjoy every morning is beneficial for your health. It reduces the inflammation of the nasal passages and stimulates expectoration, which will almost instantly evoke chills and vices. In addition, with its strong flavor, ginger depletes the sinuses and helps you breathe easier.

Ginger tea contains an important amount of vitamin C with known antioxidant properties. For an extra dose, adding lemon to the drink. If it’s a too hot combination with your taste buds, you can tame the strong taste of tea by adding a teaspoon of honey. Thus, you will get a tasty and natural remedy against cold, which you can enjoy even from breakfast.

Enhance your immunity by eating

If we talk about the first meal of the day, it is good to remember its special importance for your general well-being. We are not talking about the intake of a consistent breakfast in a balanced diet, but about the untapped advantages that it could bring us into the fight with seasonal cold. If you include yogurt in your daily diet, you can give your body a consistent dose of probiotics from the first hour.

With a direct action on inflammation and an effect of relieving cold-associated symptoms, yogurt probiotics strengthen the immune system in the long run. The effectiveness of yogurt is given by the rich content of magnesium, selenium and zinc, but also by the presence of vitamin D. The benefits of yogurt are, however, much more numerous and they only add to a delicious taste.

Limits sugar consumption

You certainly think about the bad effects of sugar on your silhouette, but this recommendation goes further than that. In fact, the increase in kilograms causes, in the long run, the destruction of white cells that absorb the pathogenic bacteria.

Another side effect of fattening caused by high consumption of sugar is the disorder of the intestinal flora balance. The explanation is as simple as possible: sugar kills beneficial bacteria, favoring the appearance of toxins in the body.

He’s wearing a medical mask

You have certainly seen more and more people who choose to protect themselves from viruses in a way that is obvious with the help of medical masks. Although it may seem a little over-exaggerated, their use is not discouraged by specialist doctors, but it also has some rules that you need to keep in mind.

The masks are always carried over the chin, mouth and nose, with the colored side outside. Although they can not stop viruses circulating freely through the atmosphere, they successfully stop the particles that can irritate the mucus and saliva droplets containing bacteria. They disposable and should changed as soon as get wet.

Disinfects the environment in which you live

Bacteria are lying around for you, and if you have limited possibilities to defend yourself in public transport or on the streets, you can do much in your home. Door handles, refrigerator handle, sanitary facilities, or kitchen countertop are mediums that pathogens grow unhindered, even when cleanliness seems perfect. If you want to reduce as much risk as possible, you should clean and disinfect cooking utensils and chopper both before and after cooking with quality products.

In order for microbes in the bathroom not to spread throughout the house, draw water only after you have covered the toilet bowl with the lid and do not store the toothbrush in sight. Cleaning the bath should done as often as possible, and disinfectants should also effective against mold. Soft furniture, switches and remote controls in the bedroom should be disinfected every three days.

Enough sleep

Though nothing better protects you than sleep, you often neglect this need of the body. When not sleeping enough, the body inhibits cytokine secretion, the protein it needs to fight infection and inflammation.

It can not said that prolonged sleep has in itself curative effect, but surely its lack weakens your body. Chronic sleep deficiency reduces the effectiveness of antibodies that fight micro-organisms and even hinders the body’s response to the flu vaccine.

Nobody should spend the beginning of spring with the nose in the napkins and the face covered by the scarf, so use the tips that suit you and enjoy life!


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