How do we weaken correctly after the holiday and what mistakes we should avoid?

When we want to lose weight, nutrition counts 70-80%, and the rest of the movement is 20-30%. At the same time, the sport made inappropriate or inappropriate is as harmful as the lack of it.

January is the month dedicated to the most popular promise after the holiday: weakness. US statistics confirm that millions of people are planning to lose extra pounds in the first month of the year. But, most of the times, the mission of weakening fails.
Florin Ioan Bălănică, MD, who developed the #MetodaDrBalanica, explains why many people fail to check the promise of the beginning of the year once and for all.

“The vast majority of people want to look good, and the weak is associated with the pleasant appearance and approach of various styles of clothing. But from desire to deed is a long way, because health or pleasant appearance does not arise on its own, I am not a given but it requires effort and not all are willing to do it.

And it’s not easy, and this is what a former obese person tells you. Until real motivation appears, we do not move a finger, and this can be an example of success from our entourage or the appearance of a disease that scares us.

It is obvious that we should do something by example, but unfortunately, the vast majority of people addressing the clinic are motivated by the fear of a disease, “explains the failure mechanism of Dr. Florin Ioan Bălănică.

The rush spoils the job

Even with the full throat motivation, the rush spoils the job. The saying is more than valid for those who have put extra pounds in a few weeks but want to get them down overnight.

“Being guilty or panicked by extra pounds, if we escaped from emergency room emergency room, we start to know how long the diets are. Whether we’re starving or looking for quick solutions like pills and shakes of all kinds.

None work, because they are not long-term solutions, but only the seemingly short-term solving of the extra accumulated kilos. And so 3-4 kg of Christmas, 3-4 kg of Easter, no longer talking about holidays, we get to wonder why we are obese and sick, “says things called lifestyle specialist.

Saved by the appetizing taste of cheeses, sausages, sweets and pastries, many of the gourmets believe that just cutting excess calories over a short period will help them lose weight. But healthy eating and good metabolism mean more than drastically reduced numbers.

“If we reduce calories, we lose weight, but it is not a long-term solution because we can not maintain good health or control eating. The key lies in the balance of nutrients, ie proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

The human body does not recognize the dishes, only the taste buds of the tongue recognize the tastes. Otherwise, only nutrients matter.

We feed on nutrients, and their balance is the key. I suggest to my patients to identify the main nutrient contained in the foods they consume, for example: for meat – protein, for yolk – cholesterol, for broccoli – vitamins and minerals etc.

A balanced nutrition involves all nutrients, relying on vitamins, minerals and good quality protein,, the physician explains the structure of a proper diet.

Nutrition counts 70-80%, and the remaining 20-30%

The good news is that weakening is possible. The less pleasant news for those who adore food is that it should be limited to foods that provide us with the necessary nutrients with a low caloric content.

“I promote the consumption of green vegetables, rich in antioxidants, fibers and low in sugars, light animal proteins such as white fish, seafood and turkey, skimmed milk such as yoghurt and low-fat cheese, whole grains such as barley, oats or buckwheat, whole bread, vegetable fats such as cold pressed oils, fruit with a small amount of sugars such as pineapple, green apple, kiwi, berries and more at the bottom of the list, red meat and colorful vegetables , recommends the nutritionist.

It seems simple. But in fact, any healthy menu requires maximum attention, from shopping, to proper cooking, to the observance of the 3 meals and two snacks.
And the sport comes into play, which many consider the perfect antidote for extra pounds. Partly, it’s wrong.

“In fact, when we want to lose weight, nutrition counts 70-80%, and the rest of 20-30%. At the same time, the sport made inappropriate or inappropriate is as harmful as the lack of it. I am the promoter of the functional movement.

A physical movement adapted to modern man, at hand, and which does not force the joints and the muscles.

Physical movement is the optimal combination between gymnastics, physiokinetotherapy, body weight movement, and body movement.

I emphasize that lately our clinic is addressing a large number of patients who are interested in health and who have been addressing some sports hallsor chains of sports halls.

And which, following unscheduled programs. Experience muscle breaks, joint damage of varying degrees and which become irreversible in the long run.

I emphasize that the movement is science and must adapted to gender, age. Level of physical training and possible pathology.

The aim of the movement is the individual’s functionality, the optimal muscle / fat ratio and not the obvious muscles or the doubtful knowledge of the coaches.

Warns Florin Ioan Bălănică. The physician, of the risk of practicing sports without taking into account the ability to cope with the effort.

In fact, weakening has as main pillar the functional movement, along with diet, stress management and the relationship with the entourage.

The physician recommends physical activity in the first part of the day when testosterone secretion is optimal and can help to achieve muscle mass within healthy limits.

Physical activity in the first part of the day

“I do not recommend physical activity in the evenings, especially after 19-20. Even if the modern man, being busy, spends time for him late at night. When metabolism prepares for” bedtime.

The meal should taken 1-2 hours before physical activity and. Depending on objective and physical training, should include all nutrients, ie proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

An example would be: turkey meat with broccoli and two slices of toasted whole bread. Or a weak yoghurt with a protein stick. Or white omelets with spinach and two slices of fried bread or beef mushrooms. With 2-3 tablespoons of rice whole and green lettuce.

Nutrition should be adapted to the type of exercise and their degree of difficulty. After physical activity. We can consume a fermented milk with a maximum of 2% fat or a sandwich of a slice of whole bread. With bell pepper and turkey or a protein shake.

Everything adapts to the individual and must be consistent with age. Degree of physical training and possible pathologies associated with it. Recommends the founder of the Dr. Balanic Method, an internationally recognized method.

People who overcome excess stress should investigate the cause of it to regain its silhouette. Among the optimal recommendations for slimming.

Is also the one that targets the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C such as parsley or citrus. In addition, we can take advantage of the cold weather, for long walks that can accelerate weakness.

“In the winter. We use about 30% of the calories we consume for thermoregulation, that is, for adaptation to low temperature. I suggest that my patients spend as much time outdoors as they and the children.

Do not soak up the room they eat and eat during this time. As many green, fresh, pickled vegetables in brine or frozen, lemon squeezed, white or red meat. We do not have to run away from pork. But we should eat it with moderation in the first part of the day.

We can also eat pips like nuts and almonds. It is not advisable to combine fatty meat with alcohol and sweets. It is good to prefer hot drinks such as herbal teas or hotter chocolate, “concludes the specialist,

So, armed with all the good advice, we only have to go to work! And let’s take all the warnings of the specialists seriously. We do not have to be fat, because from 5 kilograms in addition, health suffers.
Let’s not forget that obesity is a global scourge and a recognized risk factor for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.


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