6 good habits to keep your impeccable teeth all the life

Doctors says a lot about health, about our oral hygiene, and about our habits.

A dentist can only recognize a teenage smoker or a person who consumes carbonated drinks or frequent sweets frequently. Tooth health is a topic that should be concerned not only when we have problems, especially as it is cheaper to tease than to treat.

As we get older, it is important to make sure our teeth are healthy, to meet some harmful habits for teeth and to adopt good habits that keep our teeth strong and intact. Here are the most important such good habits that you can keep your teeth in impeccable condition for as long as possible:

Wash your teeth before bedtime

The advice of dentists is to wash our teeth at least twice a day. Cleaning the teeth before bedtime is all the more important, as during the night, the bacteria in the oral cavity can be multiplied, and the plaque can be deposited more easily. Washing the teeth before bedtime reduces their number and prevents the deposition of tartar that erodes teeth and causes caries.

Wash your teeth correctly

Proper teeth washing is just as important as the frequency you are doing. Normally, you should wash your teeth for at least two minutes to make sure you have removed all the food debris and cleaned your teeth well. If you are not sure to brush your teeth properly, you can ask for a dentist’s advice or you can test one of these performance toothbrushes that removes up to 10 times more bacterial plaque and removes the unsightly stains that appear on the enamel. If you are not sure of the type of brush you should choose, here are some useful tips to help you get rid of any dilemma and choose one that will maintain your health and beauty of teeth.

Do not forget to clean your tongue too

The bacterial plaque can also accumulate on the tongue, this being the main source of bad breath. Bacteria that accumulate on the tongue can spread around and around the teeth, especially in the gum area, being responsible for most problems with teeth. Many of the modern toothbrushes have a special surface designed to clean this area so that you can successfully remove the bacterial plaque and enjoy a beautiful smell of breath for a longer time.

Drink water after every meal

If you can not wash your teeth after each meal, even a glass of water can be beneficial to your teeth. Water reduces acidity in the oral cavity and can help prevent erosion of teeth, counteracting the acid effect of some beverages or foods.

Limit your consumption of sugar

Sugar itself does not spoil our teeth, but the acids that remain in our mouths after eating the drinks or sweets that contain it. These acids “dig in” the tooth enamel, erodes and favors the appearance of caries, including those interdental caries, hard to notice and treat in the early stages. High acidity fruits, tea or coffee have a similar effect, which is why it is recommended to consume them with ease.

Do not postpone routine visits to the dentist

No matter how well you care for your teeth, visit your dentist once every six months is a must. In addition to routine control, you can do a professional scrubbing and brushing to remove any trace of the bacterial plaque and restore your natural teeth color. Also, during regular visits to the dentist you can find out in advance any problems and treat it before it gets worse.


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