5 simple tricks to keep you cool during the winter

In the winter you are exposed to health problems more than ever during the year.

Light rays, flu, viroses, all this pose real dangers to you and your family, especially when you neglect some very simple and easy to apply prevention measures in your everyday life. As these issues are unpredictable, you need to be more vigilant at this time of the year.

5 tricks to keep you cool during the winter:

1. Wash your hands often

Hygiene is very important when trying to stay away from cold, and one of the simplest steps to follow is to wash your hands very often. This is true regardless of the environment in which you work, and that’s because you can always come in contact with other people who go through a cold and the virus can be taken. Alan Pocinki, a doctor at George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC, says, “Wash your hands every time you come in contact with someone who gives you cold signs.” Whether you use hot or cold water, it is important to clean your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap.

2. Make sure you live in a clean environment

Personal hygiene necessarily extends to your environment, especially when you are in the privacy of your own home. You will need an air purifier that will help you more efficiently eliminate dust particles, bacteria and viruses that can not be eliminated as much as you clean. Also, be sure to carefully clean the most exposed areas in your home, and these include, in particular, home switches, door handles and handles from home appliances.

3. Hot teas and soups

Your body will need a lot of warm liquids during the winter to make sure there are no chances to get cold. You can sweeten the tea with some honey and make sure to add lemon squeezed, for more vitamin C in your body.

4. Feed yourself upright

Perhaps salad is not your favorite meal, but it will help you get the necessary amount of nutrients as your body develops an effective immune system. Also, along with vegetables, fruit should not be missing from your daily menu. Proteins, healthy fats and vegetables must be found in your winter diet.

5. Be Active

Winter is the least likely period of the year when you want to do sports when you wake up in the morning and outside temperatures are below zero degrees Celsius. However, this habit can help you get away with the difficult challenges of this season. A study by immunologist David Nieman shows that adults who move for five days a week are 50% more likely to get rid of the risk of a cold.

Such small improvements to your lifestyle in winter will help you stay healthier, away from cold.


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