5 simple tips to get better rest

There are some solutions to turn your bedroom into a truly relaxing night-time place that will provide you with a better quality sleep.

Most times, sleep determines how the days go by. When you can not rest properly and feel that no matter how much you sleep, you always get tired, your productivity will not be higher, you will be more irritated and nervous and your ability to focus on your real problems will be very low. Stress can be a factor that affects the quality of sleep every night. At the same time, however, the conditions in your bedroom can play an important role. There are some solutions to turn your bedroom into a truly relaxing night-time place that will provide you with a better quality sleep.

5 simple tricks to get better rest:

1. Play with the light in your bedroom

At night, any light source can be detrimental to your sleep. This is one reason why you should consider sleeping with the phone on your head and eliminating any LED light sources. An analog clock can be a good enough alarm to wake up in the morning. At the same time, put in the windows of your bedroom thick curtains to block any light source in front of the house. If you prefer to read before bedtime, a solution is to install restful luminaries for your eyes that will help keep your main light off at night.

2. Remove the electronic devices and the TV in the room

One of the first things you should do if you want to enjoy a higher quality sleep is to get rid of the habit of lying down watching your tablet or TV on the movies. This type of light will trick the brain into eliminating an important hormone, melanin, tricking it to be still day. Thus, sleep can become agitated and not at all restful.

3. Lower the room temperature

Nobody likes the cold, but if you want your sleep to be more restful, you should get used to slightly lower the room temperature before bedtime. Either by air conditioning or by opening the window from the bedroom for ten minutes, the camera slowly cools down, otherwise the body may be prevented from reaching the optimal temperature to get into the deep sleep state.

4. Avoid doing sports before bedtime

Whether you go to the gym, go to the pool, or go out and run through the park, most of the time when you do sports, sleep quickly is very tired. What you do not know is that sleep is not of the highest quality, and that because of the high pulse you have for several hours after intense physical activity. The body will have trouble getting into the deep sleep state, so you will be resting superficially.

5. Do not eat very much before bedtime

Avoid large, carbohydrate meals before putting on your bed, but also fruit and chocolate. Otherwise, your body will need a longer period to digest what you have consumed, which will spoil your sleep. If you do not have dairy problems, you can try a weak yogurt or a weak cow’s cheese before bedtime. They digest more slowly and your body will receive the nutrients it needs throughout the night.


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