5 reasons why you have to stay active especially during the winter

Specialists recommend that you limit as much as possible during inactivity during the winter.

Winter is often associated with the days spent in a warm living room under a thick blanket and a cup of tea or boiled wine in the palms. However, the cold season should be the main moment in which you have to stay physically active, despite the fact that the weather is not very warm.

However, experts recommend that during the winter period limit as many periods of inactivity as possible and take the courage to go to the gym. Or, simply run out, where you’ll need special equipment for this season. In any case, you do not have to give up the sport during the cold season.

5 reasons why you have to stay active especially during the winter:

1. You enjoy natural light

Not for nothing, the sun is considered to be the best vitamin for the body. Simply exposure to the sun brings you an important contribution to vitamin D. This translates into stronger bones, more effective calcium absorption and a stronger immune system.

2. Easier to get rid of bacteria

When you do sports, you put your blood on the move, and the active body more easily combats the potential dangers of the atmosphere, such as bacteria. So, you have a chance to escape cold or even to avoid it, only to protect yourself well. Avoid clothing that does not let your skin breathe efficiently. Otherwise, perspiration will cool down and you will have problems.

3. More dopamine and serotonin for your body

Kirsty Welsh, personal coach, explains that when you are doing sports your body releases the substances that help you feel better, namely serotonin and dopamine. “They help reduce anxiety and depression,” says News Australia.

Well-being is also produced by the effects of exits in nature, even if we talk about 30 minutes of running in the park. The presence of nature in your environment has important health effects. A study in the United States argues that 10% of American young people diagnosed with obesity could only get a normal body fat if they live near a park.

4. Oxygenate your body

Because winter invites you to stay more often in your own home, nor is access to fresh oxygen very generous. Sports done outside can help you oxygenate your body more efficiently, you can not run and prefer a longer walk several times a week.

5. Restrict weight gain during the winter

Winter months are often months of excess. Holidays, holidays, visits to friends and family all these things tend to result in the uncontrolled accumulation of the kilos that often stay there and do not disappear for a long time. The sport done right at this time is a good way to limit these effects, not just by burning extra calories, but also by being more aware of how important you eat.

When you realize that a glass of wine is eliminated through 30 minutes of running and a cup of hot chocolate for another 60 minutes of physical exercise, you may think twice before trying the platter of goodies in front of you .


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